Amazon Child

Child of creation  You must live We can't destroy a singing part of the Earth  Nurtured, not destroyed  Amazon Child you must live Earth sings because you're here  You must be nurtured  Child of creation

About me:

 Creative collaborator and artisan - feature article writer, playwright, commercial model, writer, closet theologian, retreat coordinator, small group leader and musicologist The Vision  Angel Camp Chapel of the Arts Mission and Retreats is a passionate place for the purpose for the Healing of Hearts like the leaves on the Tree of Life. So, is this religious then? The answer would be an emphatically  "it depends what you mean by that."  Angel Camp Chapel of the Arts is open and welcoming to ALL. More

Angel Camp Chapel of the Arts

Located in the Indianapolis The Angel Camp Chapel of the Arts is a rural connection place for artisan pilgrims and art lovers alike.

The Moon

The moon... Like a playful Fourth of July  Water balloon and candy kisses Calling the tides, surely, but also Comforting pilgrims Beckoning prophets Echoing lovers' passions, dreams

Creativity is Vital

This is a great short listen. Creativity is essential...